• Stock Market Today: Wall Street Rallies Around Reassuring Retail Data
    at 8:11 pm

    The stock market enjoyed a broad rebound Tuesday as fresh economic data suggested the U.S. consumer is still shopping strong. The U.S. Census Bureau said today that April retail […]

  • How Gas Prices Are Determined
    at 6:03 pm

    As gasoline prices keep climbing, many frustrated drivers might be asking "Who controls gas prices?" The short answer is: No one person, company or government can really be said […]

  • Are You Maximizing Your Tax-Exempt Bucket?
    at 11:46 am

    Paying state and federal taxes is part of life. Yet, of course, we all want to keep hold of as much of our income as possible too. That’s where what I like to call the grown-up […]

  • 15 Stocks Warren Buffett Is Buying (And 7 He's Selling)
    at 2:15 am

    Warren Buffett went wild with Berkshire Hathaway's (BRK.B, $309.29) checkbook during the first quarter, scooping up equities at his fastest pace since the Great Financial Crisis. […]

  • Stock Market Today: Stocks Finish Lower as Traders Mull Recession Odds
    at 8:19 pm

    The potential for the U.S. to slip into recession was the topic du jour Monday as stocks kicked off the week with a wobbly, uneven session. Over the weekend, former Goldman Sachs […]

  • European Dividend Aristocrats: 40 Top International Dividend Stocks
    at 5:46 pm

    U.S. equity markets aren't the only place where you can find income-producing royalty. Indeed, a quick look across the pond yields dozens, in the form of the European Dividend […]

  • Walmart Q1 Earnings Likely Boosted By Inflation
    at 10:33 am

    The latest consumer price index (CPI) released last week indicates inflation remained sky-high in April. And while rising prices were a headwind for most companies in the first […]

  • 5 States With No State Sales Tax
    at 9:51 am

    Many people don't factor in sales taxes when they're looking at the tax-friendliness of different states. That's a mistake. Forty-five states plus the District of Columbia impose […]

  • Should You Consider a Roth Conversion While the Market is Down?
    at 8:42 am

    While a down market may not be a fun time for investors, there are some bright spots and opportunities to be had. Stock market drops like we’ve seen recently might make a Roth […]

  • Thinking about Rolling Your 401(k) into an IRA? 7 Deciding Factors to Consider
    at 8:30 am

    The Department of Labor has outlined new rules for advisers to follow when rolling over retirement plans. Whether it is a 401(k) to an IRA or an IRA from one custodian to another, […]

  • Will a Gas Tax Holiday or Suspension Lower Gas Prices Near You?
    at 10:00 am

    We're all feeling a lot of pain at the pump these days. The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in the U.S. is over $4 per gallon ($4.52 per gallon on May 17). And […]

  • 65 Best Dividend Stocks You Can Count On in 2022
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    Buy-and-hold dividend growth investors know something that less experienced yield-hunters don't: It pays to be patient when you're investing for income.  The best dividend stocks […]

  • SIMPLE IRA Contribution Limits for 2022
    at 7:55 pm

    A SIMPLE IRA is a retirement plan designed for self-employed people and small businesses with 100 or fewer employees. It's a cheaper (and easier) plan for an employer to set up […]

  • 12 States That Tax Social Security Benefits
    at 11:00 am

    Are Social Security benefits taxable? You can bet your bottom dollar they are – at least by the federal government, which taxes up to 85% of your benefits, depending on your […]

  • 10 States With the Highest Sales Taxes
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    Back-to-school shopping. Holiday shopping. Impulse buying. Bargain hunting. No matter how or why you're on a shopping spree, don't forget about sales taxes. Otherwise, if you […]

  • Warren Buffett Stocks Ranked: The Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio
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    Warren Buffett's stock selections don't look like how they used to. The Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) equity portfolio has undergone a lot of upheaval over the past decade. For […]

  • 10 Least Tax-Friendly States for Retirees
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    Most people have a dream home in mind for retirement. It might be a quaint beach house, a log cabin deep in the woods, or a penthouse high in the sky. But no matter where you plan […]

  • 9 States with No Income Tax
    at 8:22 am

    You hate paying income taxes – right? So why not move to one of the nine states listed below that don't have an income tax? Your paycheck will be bigger, and that's one less tax […]

  • Retail: Consumers Aren’t Done Yet
    at 12:00 am

    Kiplinger's Economic Outlooks are written by the staff of our weekly Kiplinger Letter and are unavailable elsewhere. Click here for a free issue of The Kiplinger Letter or for […]

  • 8 Risky Jobs That Pay Big Bucks
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    Often with dangerous jobs, the pay doesn’t come close to compensating for the risk. In fact, plenty of perilous jobs pay paltry sums compared to other options. Take fishermen […]